• Civic Responsibility among Young People

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    AYI-Uganda is striving to instill a sense of civic responsibility in Ugandan youth by engaging them in community service activities and showing youth the real-life consequences of violence and the benefits of constructive civic engagement and responsible citizenry. Uganda has witnessed a rise in youth-led violence and destructive youth political engagement in the past two decades. Politicians manipulate youths to advance their campaigns and intimidate opponents. In addition, university students resort to violent strikes to contest high tuition fees and professor absenteeism, and slum youths use violence to decry unemployment and poor living conditions. Most interventions to improve Ugandan youth attitudes and civic engagement involve psycho-social support or punitive measures such as imprisonment; however, these approaches fail to address widespread apathy, ignorance, and disenchantment among the youth population....

  • Education and Parenting

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    Education is one of the keys to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, and so Access Youth Initiative- Uganda is advocating for attainment of quality education to Ugandan young people. This program also includes extending education support to the poorest families in slum and rural areas of Wakiso, Kampala,Jinja, Masaka, Nebbi, Isingiro and in Mpigi Districts of Uganda, thus allowing these children to complete their studies. The Education of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program seeks to cultivate minds and hearts that love God, their neighbor, and all that is true, good, and beautiful...

  • Domestic ViolencePrevention

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    AYI-Uganda works to prevent violence against women and children. It addresses the root causes of violence such as traditional gender roles and the imbalance of power between women and men. Sexual abuse and violence are serious problems that transcend racial, economic, social and regional lines in Uganda. Violence is frequently directed toward females and youth, who lack the economic and social status to resist or avoid it. Adolescents and young women, in particular, experience abuses in the form of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, sexual ...

Notice Board

» AYI partners with MCJL to release a survey on SRHR and contraception in muslim community in Uganda

» AYI partners with MCJL to organize a National Sisters' Conference on SRHR

» AYI partensr with The American Embassy to host Dr. Leone Andrews (National League of Cities-USA) to Mutesa I Royal University for a lecture on Youth Leadership

» Over 900 high school students attend the 2 d Career Guidance and Education Youth Forum at Lubiri Secondary School in Kampala.

» AYI receives support from EU CAN AID to train rural women farmers in modern agricultural technics and financial literacy

Our Vision

The youth we serve today become tomorrow’s advocates and mentors creating social change, individually and collectively.

Our Mission

To provide a platform where young people and their communities can share skills, participate in promoting human rights awareness while exploring innate abilities towards lasting development on a foundation of equity.

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